What to Wear to a Casino-Themed Party

Most people wonder what to wear to a casino theme party. If this is you, read on this post.

You will always need to wear the right attire whether you are attending with friends or even hosting a casino party so that you can comfortably fit in, and also have fun as much as you can. North America has more than 1500 casinos, and this number is twice as much compared to other parts of the world.

From the numbers, it’s quite clear that Westerners are all about luck and adrenaline. So, there’s nothing better than a casino night party. We have several ideas on what to wear, whether you are a guest or hosting the party. You can bet it all on black, grab a drink and let’s get started.

Casino Themed Party Dress

Are you thinking of what to wear to a casino theme party at night? Keep reading.

image of casino dress

You can easily make a casino theme party dress with items from the collection in your wardrobe—for instance, that black dress. But if you have one with silver or gold embellishments would be better.

Go for a floor-length skirt or dress if you want more glam. Otherwise, an outfit that skims the knees is ideally great as well. You don’t necessarily need to go for black. Have in mind deck of cards: gold and red are also ideal colour alternatives for this kind of occasion. You can pair it up with high heel and black pantyhose for maximum effect.

It would be best if you kept in mind that casinos are all about extravagance. The evening is not by any chance a time to be a wallflower! Be sure to fit entirely right with the theme when it comes to your outfit. Go big or go home!

Of course, depending on the dress you have chosen, you can go for low back bras for wedding dress by some fo the best bra brands in India, UK, US, Italy or other EU countries.


Accentuate your outfit with serious bling. Go for big, bold, and glittery pieces for your ears, neck, and wrists. It would help if you didn’t worry about owning some expensive pieces. Costume jewellery is known so for a reason. Go ahead and stop by at that dollar or thrift store for exquisite rhinestone pieces. For this event, flamboyance is vital. However, you shouldn’t overdo it as you will still look fly even when posing next to the party’s casino props.

Make-up and Hair

When it comes to your make-up, go smokier and darker than you usually would for a night out. Red lipstick, liquid eyeliner, and bright blush are essential for this occasion. You can as well take it a notch higher with fake eyelashes.

You have two alternatives for your hair. For a sexy look, let your locks loose. Or for that elegant and classy chignon, you can pin your hair up. Besides, you can spray some glitter on your body and hair for an authentic casino-themed night party.

beautiful lady in casino

You now look perfect! Grab yourself a glass of wine and smile for the camera because darling, rest assured you will be the toast of the party.

Gentlemen Casino Outfits

When you think casino night attire, the first man to cross your mind would be James Bond. You need to dress to impress with an exquisite tuxedo with the right trimmings. Pleated dress shirt, black bow tie, sexy suspenders, and cufflinks.

casino tuxedo

Plus, your pocket square should be white. You can always rent a tuxedo from any costume rental shop if you don’t own one. Alternatively, get something from a thrift store suitable for the night.

Putting on the Ritz is also another inspiration for your casino party outfit. A top hat, cane, white scarf, shiny polished loafers and you are good to go.


Showing off your casino props can be a whole lot of fun. Grab some of that Monopoly money and roll it in a fat wad, it should be big! Ensure it sticks out of your pocket so that it’s visible.

Carry a pair of dice, brightly coloured. Get a lady to blow on them for luck before rolling them on the casino tables. Walk around tossing an expensive chip in your hand or keep several aces up your sleeve.

image of bright dice

Slick your hair back just like Andy Garcia in Ocean’s Eleven. You can also fake a moustache alternatively, grow one mainly for the event for that “I am rich” look.

Dressing for a Monte Carlo Casino Party

You can as well get specifics on the type of casino beyond a general themed one.

Monte Carlo Casino party is famous for the affluence and glamour that comes with it. To highlight this theme, you will need to make a few changes. Get some fake Euros from the dollar store instead of monopoly money. The dress code should be a black-tie affair but with some more opulence. Jewel and feather hairpieces, long dangling necklaces, feather boas are welcome. Please don’t leave out the gloves; they are essential too.

Queen of Hearts Casino Party

Queen of Hearts is one of the most fun casino theme party. In Wonderland, the Alice led a battalion of playing cards, which makes it a good idea for any casino party with black jack ass or poker as it’s the centerpiece. Guests can dress like the characters in the story or red. It’s a popular theme for guests around Halloween time.

Las Vegas Casino-Themed Night

Almost all the ideas mentioned above herein would work perfectly well for a Las Vegas night. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to what other guests at the party will wear. Just make sure you don’t get addicted to gambling!

You can easily get some of these costumes on rent. You can try dressing as a performer, Michael or Elvis Jackson impersonator or in a Las Vegas Showgirl costume.

Lavish, glittery, and imaginative is what describes Las Vegas productions. You will need a bodysuit or a rhinestone -strewn bra, a big headdress, sheer pantyhose, a pair of panties and high heels.


Imagining the possibilities of what to wear to a casino theme party, we hope you did enjoy the read. Remember, costume parties are as good as the effort each of the guests put in.

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