Video slot machines as we know today are highly sophisticated gambling tools. They are found in many locations such as airports, amusement arcades, pubs and even some nightclubs.

Slot machines aren’t a new craze. Charles Fay invented a machine in the 1880s which had three spinning reels and five symbols. The game of chance in matching those symbols was a huge success across America, originating in San Francisco. It took nearly a full century, 1964 to be precise, for an electro-mechanical version to be developed. The manufacturer, Bally, named the machine Money Honey.

Nowadays, we have video slot machines which can handle 100 lines and many reels, meaning that although more money is being bet, there is more chance of winning in less time as you could be playing many games at the same time. Also, the introduction of video slot games online on the internet has made multi-screen gambling even easier. It has brought a larger customer base due to the enormous popularity of online gambling.

You play video slots by inserting coins or credits into the machine, and using a touch screen or buttons you can place your wager. The internet version can be played for fun or real money by depositing money into your secure online account. The game will have a minimum and a maximum bet, and if you select the Bet Max button, which is that particular game’s maximum bet, it will cost you more per each spin. However, the payout will be higher than the original stake wagered. For example, Bet One costs 1 credit and the jackpot pays 100 credits, the Bet Max costs 3 credits but yields a jackpot of 500 credits.

As it is a game of chance, the creators can alter the winning potential by adding or removing symbols. Back in the days of mechanical or even the Bally machines, it was common and highly illegal to weight the symbols to keep large payouts to a minimum. Some would argue that today’s virtual games can be easily tampered with, by showing near-misses, to encourage more playing and therefore causing more bets than the punter originally intended.

Now this might sound like a lot to take on board. However, you will now be able to find a video slot machine easier to play and find a particular style of game to suit you. With the introduction of the internet slot machines you can practice and sample many types from the comfort of your home. The boom of online playability of so many favorite games has attracted a new customer base as people who are very busy can squeeze in a quick flutter during their lunch break.

Video slots is a relatively new take on the traditional game. Although the classic view in an online format is still hugely popular. The game has been played for almost 130 years and video game developers are still pushing the boundaries.

The above summarizes various elements, the history and the rules of Video Slots.