Slots Game Variations

Invented as such a simple game over a century ago, slots has evolved and been transformed massively with the introduction of video slots and, more recently, the online versions. Obviously wanting to push the games’ boundaries, people have been creating exciting adaptations of the original game.

The first style is the classic three reel Liberty Bell game. It has been around for over 130 years and is still a profit maker in casinos. This version then progressed to five- or seven-reel machines, making the odds of winning lower due to the more outcomes available, but enticing more punters with the higher jackpot payouts. Video slots can have up to 10, and sometimes more reels, although this is only really limited by the screen layout.

As reels can differ, the amount of lines can increase too. Multi-line systems allow the gambler to have as many as 100. Yes, a massive 100 lines running simultaneously. This is a huge step in slot playing as it allows the player to multiply their efforts in winning. Multi-line games are the virtual formats’ unique selling point.

If we sidestep the multi-line feature and want more of an adventure, then progressive slot playing might be for you. This variant is where you need to have a good run of spins to progress around the scenario on screen. Once you have managed to successfully string together those spins the jackpot payout will be much higher than regular slots. You can collect nudges and hold certain reels to aid your game playing.

We have now summed up the rules to the many varieties surrounding video slots. You now have a huge choice in ways to have fun making money playing slots.