Slot Money Management

Every casino and gambling game is pure chance so managing your finances while playing and coming prepared beforehand is vital.

Let’s start with some quick tips for playing slots in a casino environment. If you are a beginner at slots don’t try to be a big shot and play with large betting maximums straight away, especially if you are still unsure of the rules. You will only regret it if you lose early on.

Try starting on the low risk machines such as penny slots. Don’t worry. You won’t look silly since everyone who is advanced at playing started here. It’s a wise financial move to make first. Start playing with low amounts and you can gradually increase as you gain confidence.

More modern video slots in casinos will give you a redemption voucher when you win rather than handfuls of coins. The tradition of winning slots may have been lost but it’s advantageous if you have lost track of time. When you find yourself in the casino with only a couple of hours before you need to get to work, pop the voucher in your wallet or purse and redeem it at your next visit at the same casino.

Now for some tips that can be applied in all methods of video slots.

If you’re still learning the ropes try practicing online first to prevent any unnecessary losses. Understand your video slots playing fund. Determine how much money you really need to play the game while still having fun. Remember, the slots’ return rates can be from 75% to 99% so plan accordingly.

For example, if you have found a game giving you a winning return of 90%, try to expect a minimum loss of 10p for every £1 you play with. Of course it could be a bigger loss but that’s the mystery of the game.

Set yourself a time limit. Don’t spend hours and hours sulking over your PC, or a video slots machine. One, it doesn’t look good and two, it will make things worse if you are on a bad streak. It is better to walk away when you stop having fun than to kid yourself you can win it all back if you play for a few more hours.

Use the bank feature the game offers. It is on the same screen as you will be playing on so it is easy and won’t cause too much disruption to your game. Regular banking when you win will ensure you have money left over at the end of your session.

The last handy tip is to have self discipline. If you find yourself straying from your plan considerably, then step away from the machine, have a break, and think about your next move.

The most important thing about video slots is to have fun which is an essential element in ensuring you don’t lose out financially. The handy and straightforward tips above should be a start to helping you manage your money while playing.