Payout Percentages

When playing at online casinos it is important to be a smart player too- not just a lucky one! Payout percentages are often also referred to as payback percentages. It lets you know just what percentage amount of each dollar played the machine or game you are playing is set to return to you the player.

Reputable casinos will usually have a link to show the payout percentages, so that as a player one can check and make educated choices as to which casino offers are most fair for the game you want to play. Remember, the payback percentage is 100 percent minus the house edge.

Of course these payout percentages are not numbers which are not cross-checked, there is an independent organization that deals specifically with monitoring the results and the payout reports of online casinos. The most reputable one is the OPA, the Online Player’s Association. If you see the OPA Approval logo then you can be sure that the casino in question has a good reputation and offers outstanding quality to their players. So you can rest assured that what you see is what you get.

In the table below you have an overview of very popular online casinos which have been OPA Approved and their payout percentages. The percentages have been divided into an overall payout percentage of each of the casinos for all games, poker, slots as well as table games. Overall the payout percentages are high, almost all above 97%, meaning that the chances of winning are high.