Mobile Poker

mobile-pokerMore mobile poker options are coming available as online poker operators launch poker mobile sites and develop the software for mobile gambling devices such as iPhones, cell phones, blackberry, Android and now IPads.

The choice of good mobile poker rooms is still quite limited but there are a few really good ones from reputable Poker rooms such as Cake Poker and Ultimate Bet.

In the last 12 months a lot of issues which affected the popularity of mobile poker have been resolved such as poor network connection, dead spots and the coverage problems. Now these factors have been massively improved mobile poker is set to become a huge part of the mobile gambling industry.

Why is Mobile Poker so good anyway?

There are a few factors to consider. Firstly the technology now allows poker players to enjoy the game on their mobile as much as they do on their PC. The mobile poker software is vow very slick and the larger screens built into the new mobile handsets are ideal to show it off. The cost is now much better. Most people have online connection built into their tariffs designed for period of online use.

Popularity of poker is now fairly mainstream with many more career poker players now playing online. Spending hours in front of your PC may have an impact on the way you live the rest of your daily life. With mobile poker players can easily rake hundreds of hands of poker whilst commuting to work, sitting in Starbucks, even whilst riding the bus to Vegas to compete in the WSOP!

From now on the mobile poker rooms are offering full scale of poker mobile games, fantastic graphics, different languages support, proper sound etc. Newbies would be able to test their luck against the computer or real players.

Where can I Play Free Poker?

There are lots of really good Free Poker Apps available at the app store. Lots of people enjoy playing poker on the IPhone for free as a way to pass the time.

The popular Zynga Poker application which has millions of fans playing Texas Hold’em every day on face book have recently launched an app for people to enjoy the game on their mobiles.

However with regards to the poker mobile games just a few big and reputable online rooms have been starting to offer the mobile poker games. Until recently to play poker mobile was a nightmare as the technical difficulties were crucial; poor network connection, dead spots and the coverage problems hurt the players and the mobile poker games operators.