Live Dealers

Online Casinos offer a lot of comforts that one can not have if one visits a land-based casino. But there was something lacking – interaction. Now that too is history as one can choose to play out of the comfort of one’s own home and can choose to play with a live dealer. Online Casinos offer a range of Live Dealer games which let’s you see your blackjack cards being dealt to you and the roulette wheel spun before your very eyes.

There is not that much that one needs in order to start enjoying the services of the live dealer. All one needs is:

  • an internet connection
  • 56K Modem or Network Card with Cable or DSL Modem
  • SVGA Graphics Card

Next one just needs to choose the Live Dealer game one wishes to play, deposit money and pretty soon one will see one of the attractive dealers through live streaming appear on your computer screen. One can also chat with the dealer while playing as well as with other players through the real time video streaming system.

Try something new the next time you visit an online casino and play some of your favorite games facing a live dealer.