Keno Rules

Ever played the Lotto? Well Keno is very similar so it should not be too difficult for any online casino player to pick up this game. Of course there are differences between Keno and Lotto in that Keno offers better odds for one to win and one can play whenever one wants at an online casino.

The history of this is game is actually very interesting with its roots in China more than 3,000 years ago, where it was played in order to fund the building of the Great Wall. So it is with no surprise that the game started out with Chinese characters, 120 to be exact. With the big immigration wave in the 19 th Century of the Chinese to the United States the game came overseas, reduced to 80 characters. When the game started to entice others too the characters were changed at the beginning of the 20 th Century to Arabic numbers.

What one needs to know to play Keno is basically the 3 main elements: the ball hopper or cage, a Keno display board and of course the Keno ticket. And then this is how you play; the Keno machine chooses 20 random balls out of 80, each marked with a number. If enough of the numbers which you chose match those displayed by the machine then you win. With the odds in this game being on your side standing at 10:1 one has great chances of winning. There is no one number which is more likely to come up than another.

Every individual has different ways of choosing their winning numbers and therefore it truly remains a game of chance and there is no strategy behind it – there is not one numbers that is more likely to come up than another here it really is mere luck.