History of Slots

The following will take a look back to the history and the making of video slots, providing you with a better and more wholesome understanding of the game.

In the late 1890s the original slot game was invented by a man named Charles Fey. Charles was a car mechanic. Obviously not to keen on his job, he decided to pursue other interests such as creating a slot machine. He named the original Liberty Bell.

Charles saw the potential for his machine. This lead to his partnership with the Mills Novelty Company around 1907.
After a few years of working together and producing more machines they had already sold over 30,000 in San Francisco.

From this time to around 1909, the game started to become popular. Both players and companies began to take an interest. These companies started to create their own machines but changed the way they looked.

These machines were pretty big, as you would expect from this time. Weighing over 100 pounds, the machines needed to be made smaller and lighter, not only for the sake of progress but also for the poor delivery men lifting them.

Around 1915, still working together, they continued improving their designs and the delivery men’s unspoken wishes were granted. Light and smaller machines were created. These were a lot easier on the eye and could attract customers by their bright new colors and sleeker appearance. Being a lot quieter due to downsizing they were commonly known as The Silent Bell.

The hip year of 1964 saw one of the first major changes to Charles’ machines. One example was the Money Honey. In keeping with the 60s sounds and lighting effects were added with the introduction of electronic parts.

It was not until 1975 that the slot machine was modernized to become a video slot machine which entered casinos. The first was named Fortune Coin made by Walt Frayley.

From 1980 until recently makers of the machines have continued to develop the look of the game. Whatever your hobby or interest you will have a high chance of finding a machine which is based on that specific theme. If you love a certain movie, a few minutes of searching online and will find you a video slots game with the feel of the movie.
With the masses of people using technology the obvious next destination for video slots was online. Players can now choose where and when they want to play: at your desk, when traveling or at home.

The rules are surprisingly very similar still, but the games can vary due to different bonuses and jackpots. Some may not have any at all. It’s all about what you want.

Who knows what is in store for us next for our video slots experience? But we can guarantee the game will still be as good as it was when Charles Fey invented it.

This is a brief summary of the main historical facts surrounding slots and video slots, explaining how they have progressed since the appearance of the very first machine.