Basic Slot Rules

Let’s enter the new age world of gambling via video slots. There are so many variations but underneath they are really all the same.

The best way to learn the basic rules is to focus on the buttons first along the payout tables.

All variations will have the same basic buttons. They may be located in different areas of the screen but basically they do the same thing.

Once you have deposited funds you must set the amount you want to bet with. Some games will accept minimum denominations of 10 pence, for example, while others could be higher. The same principle applies to maximums.

The button to place your determined credit amounts usually comes in the form of either Bet Max or Bet One.

Bet One is for one credit and Bet Max is for the game’s maximum amount of credits you can use per play.

Other varieties may let you change this with simple Plus or Minus buttons.

Take a look at the payout section. This should be on the same screen you will be playing on. Here you can see what the payouts will be if you’re lucky and match symbols.

Now you need to actually play the game so select your stake and simply click spin. You cannot change your stake once you have spun.

The aim is now for the symbols to match according to those displayed in the payout table. So good luck!

Once spun the symbols must land on the Pay Line. This is a line clearly marked across the reels. If the symbols do not land here then it is an invalid spin so a refund for this turn is usually given.

This is a brief summary which should arm you with the basics for getting you started in video slots.