Advanced Slot Rules

Now that you have the basic rules of video slots under your belt we can start to look at the more advanced rules. Once you have read through this you can expand your game-playing knowledge and enjoy the game in its entirety.

Firstly and most importantly is the payout line. Whether you are playing three, five, or seven reels you need to be aware of when the machine will pay out depending on the symbols that are shown. There should be a sign or a chart explaining the different combinations and the corresponding prize. Where this gets tricky is when you play more lines, usually a maximum of nine (in classic style). So you could have in front of you seven reels and up to 100 lines (using video slots), meaning that 700 different symbols are all spinning at the same time. Confusing, possibly, but as there is no skill to the game and only luck, all you need to worry about is matching those symbols.

Video and also online slots will have limits in the amount you can play with. Using the BET MAX button, which is that particular game’s maximum bet, will cost you more than a single spin option such as Bet One. The payout will be higher than the original stake wagered. For example, Bet One costs one credit and the jackpot pays 100 credits. The Bet Max costs three credits but yields a jackpot of 500 credits.

This might sound like a lot to take on board. However, you will be sure to find a video slot game and style that will suit you. Now that you are fully familiar with the different games and their rules you can go and experience them first hand and start to use the knowledge to your advantage.