Online Slots Scams Part 3

One method that most definitely won’t work on any kind of regular basis is the old observe and conquer way. What is meant by this is that a prospective scammer can stand by and watch whilst a slot machine is in use by other people, and monitor how long it is between wins…the reason this fails is that there is literally no patterns to look out for. It’s the same as expecting a coin to land heads if its landed tails on the last 5 spins. It simply doesn’t work like that, the coin is just as likely to land tails for a sixth time – it’s 50:50. The same principle applies for a slot machine, just because it hasn’t paid for 12 hours, or 3,000 spins, or whatever, does not necessarily mean that a payout is imminent. It’s not a completely worthless method, because you can be lucky, but this isn’t strictly scamming – it is actually being discreet with your forward planning. So instead of choosing a slot machine based on its flashing lights or proximity to the buffet bar, you can choose a machine that appears ‘hot’.

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