Online Slots Scams

Some of the other methods of attempted scamming could end up sounded totally ridiculous, but sometimes the wackiest schemes turn hugely profitable. The good old fashioned quarter on a piece of string method, is a very basic thing, and most likely the eye in the sky would spot this within a matter of moments IF indeed it could trick the machine into thinking it has received the money – so your window for scamming is limited.

But, with that said, most, if not all, slot machines now have trigger devices to prevent this kind of scamming. This is possibly most effective if you are down on your luck and are down to your last couple of dollars in the whole wide world, and are a relatively fast runner – allowing you to dash into an offstrip casino, with antiquated slots machines, use your quarter a handful of times, and then dash out when you win a few dollars. To actually win the jackpot and go over to the cashier with your quarter-on-a-string in your pocket would take a level of bravado unseen in the civilised world!

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