Online Slots Cheats and Scams

Of all the games within a casino, probably the most tricky one to scam or cheat are the slots machines. This is intrinsically linked to the amount of human interaction required at any given time. So for example, whilst a roulette croupier’s arm might get tired and continually throw the ball into a similar part of the wheel, leaving the wheel at the mercy of the keen scammer; or a multi hand blackjack game can get ‘owned’ by a crew of card counters taking advantage of their outnumbering the one dealer who can only watch whilst they bet deep at the bottom part of the last deck, having noted the copious amounts of aces left in the stack…the same most definitely cannot be said for the slot machines. Occupying the vast majority of most casino floors, and justifying that space due to their enormous profit margins and relatively low maintenance costs, these machines are practically 100% scam secure.

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