Online Slot Scams

There is of course the long game to consider, possibly a more viable and ‘safer’ option and one that would result in the big win as it were. Now, previously mentioned scams have simply been amateur examples of things you could do to ‘break’ into the machine – a bit raw and unrefined. This long-game strategy is the big win for a reason. The best analogy for this scam is to think about the tech bods who crack or hack video games.

The are usually involved or know someone that is involved with the creation of the video game. The same principle applies here, whereby the future scammer can get a job working for a company that creates these games and/or machines. After a while, they would slip in a tiny, unnoticeable flaw in the programming, only known to them and undetectable by the most stringent testing – because believe it or not, these slot machines are tested to death!

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